It can be propagated either through seeds or by division of the existing plant. If you wish to use the seeds for propagation make sure to use the fresh seeds. The less fresh the seeds are lower will be the germination rate. So, it is better plant the seeds immediately after harvesting. After planting the seeds place the pots in a cool area as they germinate better at low temperature. For better germination keep the seeds moist before planting. It will take about 2 weeks to 6 months for the seeds to germinate depending on the seed quality.

The company Gatorade was made back in the 1960s by a team at the college UF. The drink's purpose was to restore fluids and electrolytes to the school's athletes during their games in the hot summer. After the development began the football team started to win their season almost from the start. The next year the team went nearly undefeated and that's when the head of the school took the time to analyze what was happening. Since then other teams started gradually accepting Gatorade as their drink of choice and now virtually every athletic event anywhere serves it.

If you cannot wait for six months only to know that they failed to germinate then the best way to propagate Dwarf mondo grass is through division of the plant. Dig out a large clump of Dwarf mondo grass from soil and cut it in to small sprigs either with hand or knife. Now, plant the sprigs in your desired location about six to eight inches apart. Take care and water the clumps well until they get established in the soil. This way surely propagates the Dwarf mondo grass and the new plants will be akin to the parent. For best results, cut the Dwarf mondo grass either early in the fall or early in the spring. This way of propagating the Dwarf mondo grass is not only easy but also cheap. A single clump can be separated in to 50 to 100 sprigs. You can get a clump from your neighboring yard or can even order the sprigs at a wholesale supplier.

For perfect growth, use weed free compost for up to 3 inches in the planting area. After the sprig gets established start using NPK fertilizer with 5-10-5 combination at least once in a month. It is recommended to use liquid fertilizer during the first six months. This will ensure that the sprigs grow and spread perfectly. Later you can continue to use fertilizer pellets once in a year after mowing. For those pellets to dissolve well in the soil water the grass after application of the fertilizer.

However, propagation of Dwarf mondo grass has its own disadvantages.

  • It cannot be planted in areas of heavy traffic and planting them is also a laborious job.
  • Slow grower and may even take years to cover large areas.
  • Tough to hand pick the weeds during establishment stage. However, you can use pre-emergence herbicides specific for Dwarf mondo grass to prevent weed seed germination before planting the sprigs.

As these maintenance risks are to be taken only once in a year, Dwarf mondo grass is the preferred variety for decorating the landscape yards.